The Best Silk Scarves

hand painted square silk scarf - the meadowsShopping for the best silk scarves can be difficult because of the large number of inferior products that are intentionally mislabeled. When you are shopping for a silk scarf you want 100% real silk, not polyester or some other imitation fabric. You can often tell right away that an item is not genuine silk just by looking at the price. Simply put, if the price seems to good to be true, then it probably isn’t real silk. If you think about how much work goes into producing silk fabric— from raising the silkworms to reeling and spinning out the threads from each cocoon, followed by dyeing and weaving—it is clear that you’re not going to find a genuine silk scarf selling for under $5. That being said, a scarf is a very simple shaped item to make, though, and they don’t require a terribly large amount of material. So scarves are actually one type of silk item that you can find at good prices. The following are some of the best silk scarves that you can find for purchase online. Only 100% real silk scarves are included here, no polyester imitations.

Hand Painted Square Silk Scarf by Texere Silk

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious silk scarf to dress up your wardrobe and add a splash of color to your outfits, then you should consider getting a hand painted scarf such as those sold by Texere Silk. They have a number of absolutely beautiful scarves and shawls in several different sizes. For example, a square scarf that is 43 inches on each side, or a little bit bigger than one square meter. They also have a shawl size that is 70 inches long by 26 inches wide and oblong scarves that are long and thinner.

Each scarf or shawls features hand painted artwork in a batik style depicting images such as cranes, mountain scenery, or orchid flowers. Here are some of their best ones:

novica crimson red silk scarf from thailandFair Trade Silk Scarves from Thailand by Novica

Novica, in association with National Geographic, works with local artists and craftsmen from around the world to bring beautiful high-quality items to the global marketplace. They have a nice selection of silk scarves made in Thailand. Not only are the products of the best quality, but buying one will help to ensure that a local artisan receives a living wage for their hard work and efforts. But these scarves are so beautiful that you don’t even need to look for any excuse to get one—simply because you can’t wait to try one on is all the reason you need. They’re simply fabulous. Check out the wide selection of styles and colors they offer.

100% Silk Pashmina Scarf Shawl by Kuldip

This 100% silk scarf/shawl from Kuldip is available in over 100 different colors.

Size 66″ x 28″ with 2.5″ hand-tied tassels.

Solid colors, with just about every color imaginable. Raw silk that gives a natural shine in the light.

A light scarf with a thin silk fabric—it is best suited for adding a splash of color to a summer outfit. And it can also be used as a light wrap over your shoulders. As one Amazon reviewer says:

“This would work for a headscarf, it’s so sheer and light and beautiful. Really exquisite.”



100% Luxurious Charmeuse Silk Square Scarves of Famous Paintings

Many different famous oil paintings are available as decoration for 100% silk charmeuse scarves. Now you can wear your favorite works of art such as Van Goh’s “Starry Night” or Monet’s “Water Lillies”. These scarves are about 34″ x 34″ square, which is just a little smaller than a square yard. Charmeuse silk is produced through a weaving method that gives one side of the fabric a shiny, luxurious sheen, while the other side has more of a matte finish. The colors on these scarves are bright and vivid. And the brilliant paintings really stand out on such a fine material. You can wear these in many ways: as a headscarf, around your neck, wrapped around your waist, etc. Or you could even use one as a wall hanging to show off one of your favorite impressionist paintings. These scarves make excellent gifts too!

Red Blossom Silk Jacquard Scarf

Red Blossom has an excellent selection of affordable silk scarves for women. Their silk jacquard scarf comes in 15 different colors. It features an embroidered design of traditional Asian motifs such as plum blossoms and bamboo.

Size is 64″ x 17.5″

Made from a medium weight silk fabric that is perfect for wrapping around your neck in cooler weather.

It’s a very elegant scarf that you can wear for both casual or more formal occasions.

This scarf also makes a perfect gift for any woman in your life. You can pick up a few in different colors for all the ladies in your family.



100% Raw Thai Silk Scarves

100% raw Thai silk scarves come dyed in many colors and are available at very affordable prices. These scarves come in a couple different sizes. Large ones are 70″ long and 24″ wide, while smaller scarves are 68″ long and 14″ wide. They also come in a wide variety of different colors to choose from. With a feel that is incredibly soft to the touch, you’ll find these Thai silk scarves have an elegant, exotic charm. You can get a very good deal on high quality, handmade scarves made from 100% pure raw Thai silk. These are simple, yet lovely original silk products made in Thailand.

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