How to Shop for the Best Silk Shawls

beautiful_russian_silk_shawl_grayA silk shawl is a great item to have because of its beauty and versatile nature. You can wrap one around your shoulders anytime you feel a little cool, and they also make great travel items in order to keep the sunlight off your skin or to protect your modesty. A silk shawl or scarf is lightweight, and yet it can help insulate and protect you from cool drafts or rooms with strong air conditioning.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality 100% silk shawl, you might have trouble finding what you’re looking for. The main reason is because many online market places are not strict about their product labeling or their webstore’s search function. So if you search for “silk shawl,” the results will show many items not made from silk. For example, you might see many shawls made from wool, acrylic, polyester, or rayon. That doesn’t mean that such products are bad at all—in fact many of them will be quite high-quality shawls. But they might not be just exactly what you’re looking for.

For this reason, we looked carefully through many of the products at Amazon to come up with a list of the best real silk shawls that you can buy online. So without further ado, here are the best shawls we found:

“Aria”, Yuki Floss Silk Shawl

“Aria”, Yuki Floss Silk Shawl

This is a 100% real silk shawl, Made in Japan.

It’s 45 x 175 cm or 17.1 x 68.9 inches in size. This makes it a very nice long scarf—nearly 6 feet long.

This is a thin shawl made with floss silk from the Yuki region of Japan, which is famous for its silk production. Anyone who has been to Japan would know that their traditional luxury products such as silk are of the highest quality. You will be impressed by the soft feel of this Japanese silk shawl, and it may well become one of your most favorite accessories. This seller has eight different color variations that you can choose from as well. Once you see how nice it is, you might even want a second in another color.


Oriental Sweets Russian Shawl

Oriental Sweets Russian Shawl in Turquoise

Here is another fantastic quality 100% silk shawl. This one is made in Russia using traditional Pavlovo Posad patterns. Pavlovo Posad is a old Russian town that is well-regarded for producing excellent quality textiles.

In this case, this large silk shawl is 130 x 130 cm or 51 x 51 inches square. That’s over four feet on each side, so you see that it makes a nice sized wrap to cover up with.

The pattern is full of detail, and the bright beautiful colors are sure to add spice and variety to your wardrobe. In fact, these beautiful Pavlovo Posad silk shawls are available in a number of stunning colors and designs.


blue lotus lake silk batik shawlSilk Batik Shawl from Thailand

“Blue Lotus Lake” – Silk Batik Shawl from Thailand

This lovely handmade silk batik shawl measures 36 x 81.6 inches. That’s three feet wide by almost seven feet long!

You’ll enjoy wrapping up in an exotic print on luxurious Thai silk. The design by Sakornrat Sinthurat features beautiful lotus blossoms floating on a lake.

This fine Thai silk shawl is produced by NOVICA in association with National Geographic in order to bring the best work of local artists and designers to the world.




Woven Silk Stole from Kashmir

Jamawar Pattern 100% Woven Silk Stole

This luxurious silk stole or shawl comes from the Kashmir region of the Indian Himalayan.

The dimensions are 70 cm x 186 cm, which is about two and a half by six feet.  So it’s a great size for wearing over your shoulders  to stay a bit warmer or just to add some flare to your wardrobe.

This is truly a high quality product. You can tell from the zoomed-in picture on Amazon just how fine the woven design will look up close. It has a characteristic shine and luster of fine silk, and feels incredible to the touch.

Many color varieties are also available as you can see below:


Indonesian Silk Batik Shawl

“Seventh Heaven” – Indonesian Silk Batik Shawl

This stunning Indonesian silk batik shawl is another fair trade product brought to you by NOVICA, working in association with National Geographic to find the work of talented local designers and bring it to the world stage.

The shawl is 68 x 21 inches, which makes it just a little short of six feet long. You’ll notice too, that there are many varieties of colors and patterns that these Indonesian silk shawls come in. As you can see below:












beautiful_indonesian_silk_batik_shawlYou should now have a good idea about the types of high-quality 100% real silk shawls that are available for purchase online if you take the time to look carefully. A luxury item such as finely woven silk takes many hours to produce, so you have to be a little suspicious about the quality of any items that have a super low price that seems too good to be true. Real silk will cost a bit more than some cheap imitation fabric, but you’ll also be able to tell the difference in the quality right away. There’s simply no substitute for the real thing.

We love Thai silk the best, but as you can see from the selection of items that we’ve chosen to show you here, many countries in Asia have the capability and the traditions of producing great quality silk items. In the case of these shawls, we’ve seen Japanese, Russian, Indian, and Indonesian silk in addition to Thai silk. Each has their own style of design to represent their own country and culture.