Reviewing the Best Silk Cheongsam Chinese Dresses

long red sleeveless chinese dressA tight-fitting pure silk Cheongsam, or Chinese dress, is maybe the sexiest style of national clothing from any country. You don’t have to be Chinese to look glamorous wearing this body-hugging masterpiece of women’s fashion. A Cheognsam can help any woman look fabulous. But if you want to really make a big impression, it’s important to choose a high quality Chinese dress made from pure silk. There are lots of cheaply constructed Chinese dresses made from polyester or other imitation silk fabrics. But you know that nothing compares to the luxurious shine and smooth touch of real silk.

The Cheongsam, or Qipao as it’s also called, can come in several different variations. The length of the dress can be anything from ankle-length to above the knee. The length of the sleeves can vary as well, although it usually will have very short sleeves that just cover the shoulder. A revealing slit on each side of the dress has the practical function of making it easier to walk—but it’s more well known for giving an enticing glimpse of leg. Combined with a nice pair of high heels, this creates a look that’s both sexy and classy at the same time.

Cheongsam usually have patterns inspired by nature, such as flowers or birds. They will also often contain traditional Chinese motifs like dragons or other auspicious symbols. The very best quality silk Cheongsam feature hand painted artwork that is one of a kind and will really catch people’s attention. While many other Chinese dresses are made from silk brocade. Here are some of the best silk Chinese dresses available.

Silk brocade “Double Fish” Sleeveless Long Qipao

long red sleeveless silk qibaoSilk brocade “Double Fish” Sleeveless Long Qipao

This is an ankle-length sleeveless style Qibao made from red silk brocade. It features an auspicious motif of fish in pairs. It has the traditional mandarin collar and Chinese knotted buttons. This stunning red dress is very elegant and will make any woman stand out in the room.

The seller, Bitablue, has many good reviews for a large number of their products. In particular, their customer service is highly regarded. It’s important to get the sizing right on a Chinese dress in order for it to look the best, and this company can even custom size your dress for you if you send them the measurements by email. One satisfied Amazon reviewer wrote:

“This dress is really pretty and great quality… I highly recommend this company and their products to anyone as I think their stuff is top quality and will flatter most, if not all, figures…”

Snow White Hand-painted Silk Dress

snow white hand-painted long silk dressSnow White Hand-painted Silk Dress

Here is an incredibly elegant long Chinese style sleeveless dress. It’s made from pure silk and features a silk lining as well. The special quality of this dress is the hand-painted artwork depicting delicate pink blossoms. Each dress will be slightly different because of the human artist painting the art by hand. You’ll fall in love with this dress from the moment you see it.

Made by the same company as the dress above, this hand-painted Chinese dress can be ordered to a personal size by giving them your measurements. Nothing could be more personal and original then dress fitted just to match you. You’ll feel like a Chinese princess when you wear it.

It’s beautiful and classy enough to wear to just about any formal or semi-formal occasion. Use it to dress up for a dinner party or for when you want to make a big impression on a special date!

Mandarin Collar Halter Qipao in Silk Brocade

mandarin collar chinese halter dress silk brocadeMandarin Collar Halter Qipao in Silk Brocade

It’s not on the cheap side, but if you want a dazzling Chinese dress, then it’s hard to go wrong with this halter top styled silk brocade Qipao. it comes in a bright, bold red silk brocade. As you may or may not know, red is considered the most auspicious color in Chinese culture, so a red dress is perfect for any festive occasion.

This Qipao is a little unique because it works the Mandarin collar of a standard Chinese dress into a shoulder-less halter design. With a sassy, yet elegant dress such as this, you’ll be feeling glamorous and ready to shine at any social event.

The silk brocade carries color images of dragons and phoenixes—the two most auspicious animals in Chinese culture. If you like the design, but think you’d prefer something with slightly more coverage, the same maker also has a Silk Sleeveless Long Qipao, which was the dress pictured at the top of this article. You have to agree that it looks super stylish, don’t you?