How to Buy the Best Silk Robes Online

The best quality silk robes feature beautiful hand painted artwork. Anyone who gets one of these as a gift is sure to be impressed. it’s one of the most romantic, sexy, and classy presents you could give to a wife or girlfriend. Although, if you search for silk robes to buy online, not all that you see will be 100% real silk. So you need to check the product information carefully.

Imitation Silk Robes from Polyester

polyester kimono robeWhen you see phrases such as “silk feeling,” “silk like,” and “silky satin” you can be sure that these products aren’t made from real silk. Other robes that look like silk may appear when you run a search for “silk robes,” but upon reading the product information, you’ll see that they are actually 100% polyester or some blend of polyester and acrylic. As long as the seller or manufacturer gives accurate product information, then there’s no problem. Imitation silk made from polyester can still feel nice and smooth, can be comfortable to wear, and will come at an affordable price. The price is, in fact, usually a good way to tell if you should be suspicious about the quality of a supposedly silk item. If it’s in the $20-30 range, you can be pretty sure that a robe will be made from polyester—but go ahead and get one if you like. This level of quality is still fine for a simple gift or for something that you’d buy for yourself.


High-Quality 100% Silk Robes

Real 100% silk robes, on the other hand, will cost closer to $80-100 or more, but it will be worth paying more for these high-quality products. When you compare genuine silk and imitation fabrics up close, you can see and feel the difference. Nothing really compares to 100% silk—you won’t mind spending a bit extra to know you’re getting the best. Some of the most popular silk robes are styled after Japanese kimonos and have oriental inspired patterns such as cherry blossoms, orchid flowers, lotus buds, and other elements found in nature. These Asian-themed designs really match well with silk fabric to create truly luxurious sleepwear or garments for your time to relax at home. And of course, such sensuous silk robes make the perfect gift for the woman in your life (hint: Fellas, think about getting her a 100% silk robe for Valentine’s or her birthday). In addition, many of these robes feature hand painted artwork that is really quite beautiful and cannot fail to impress anyone who receives one as a gift.

Hand Painted Women’s Long Silk Kimono

hand painted long silk kimono plum colorHand Painted Women’s Long Silk Kimono

This long kimono robe sold by Old Shanghai is made from 100% silk and features hand painted floral designs. It’s available in a wide selection of colors with either a cherry blossom or floating lotus flower artwork design. It has a generous length of 52 inches. The silk feels incredibly soft and the colors are beautiful. One Amazon review wrote:

“I ordered the mist color & the silk is absolutely the most luxurious fabric…it just clanged to my body. The color & the detail hand painting are just stunning…”

While another reviewer at Amazon had this to add:

“They’re gorgeous. The colors are beautiful jewel tones, very tasteful.”

If you want an excellent quality silk robe that will make you feel like a Japanese Geisha, this is one you could get.

Hand Painted Women’s Short Silk Kimono

short silk kimono cherry blossomsHand Painted Women’s Short Silk Kimono

Like the long kimono, this robe sold by Old Shanghai is made from 100% silk and features hand painted artwork such as lotus flowers or cherry blossoms. They are incredibly beautiful and sensuous. And will come down to around knee-length. It also comes in a variety of colors. If you’ve been thinking of getting a sexy, yet classy gift for your wife or girlfriend, this would be perfect.

One Amazon reviewer who bought it for his girlfriend had this to say:

“I have to say that this is the sexiest most beautiful piece I have ever seen her wear…it contours to the curves of my woman’s body like nothing else.”

If that doesn’t get you excited to buy your sweetheart present like this, I don’t know what will.


Hand Painted Silk Nightgown & Robe Set

silk nightgown robe set with hand painted hummingbirdsHand Painted Silk Nightgown & Robe Set

If you want to really make a good impression on the special woman in your life, this stunning, hand painted nightie and robe set will definitely do the trick. Made from top quality 100% silk, this set features hand painted artwork depicting hummingbirds. Your lady is going to feel like a princess from the moment she tries it on, and her heart will melt from the moment she opens the box. A lot of buyers have been very impressed with this silk robe set as you can see from their comments in the reviews:

“The mint green color and feel of the silk was delicious!”

“The feel of the nightgown is very sexy on bare skin.”

“The hummingbirds look so pretty and the silk quality is amazing. The packaging was very elegant. WOW!!!”

It’s hard to go wrong with a product that gets such glowing reviews.

Women’s Hand Painted White Silk Bathrobe

long white hand painted silk bathrobeWomen’s Hand Painted White Silk Bathrobe

If your goal is to find your wife or girlfriend the best birthday present ever, then look no further than this exquisite hand painted silk bathrobe in white. This long, ankle-length robe is made from 100% pure silk fabric and features hand painted artwork of beautiful flowers and birds. She’s going to be amazed when she opens up the box and finds such a special garment waiting for her inside. People don’t hold back when they write product reviews, and this is how impressed those who got this robe were:

“I cannot describe the beauty of it in words…”

“…it’s truly one of the most beautiful robes I’ve seen… The handpainting is very special.”

“This robe is a work of art…I feel beautiful when I wear it.”

“I rarely leave reviews but after receiving this robe…I had to let everyone know how BEAUTIFUL it is.”

Obviously, any woman would be thrilled to receive such a nice silk robe as a gift.

Men’s Silk Bathrobe – Way of the Dragon

mens silk dragon bathrobeMen’s Silk Bathrobe – Way of the Dragon

If it’s a guy that you’re shopping for, and you want a manly silk robe—then look no further than this long, black colored silk bathrobe featuring a hand painted dragon on the back. This is a super high-quality 100% silk robe just like the previous robes for women. The only big difference is this robe has a cool and stylish dragon design rather than some girly flowers. Any guy would love it.